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Luxury Condo Living vs. A Single Family Residence



Are you seeking a lifestyle of lavish luxury right at home, complete with top-tier amenities and a vibrant community, all wrapped in security and tranquility?

Welcome to luxury condo living!

Whether you’re looking for a full-time or seasonal second home for you and your family, the quality and convenience of living in a luxury condominium is priceless.

What makes a condo a luxury condo?

Quality and convenience of life inside and outside your home make a luxury condo luxurious. As you peruse your options for a luxury condo, don’t sell yourself short of the lifestyle you could have regarding floorplan, amenities, community, etc.

Floorplan Designs for Luxury Living

Don’t let living on the second or third floor fool you into thinking small about luxury condos. Luxury means spacious, spanning up to 2,300 square feet, making room for expansive kitchens, oversized islands, large walk-in closets, and expansive patios with outdoor kitchens–no matter what floor you’re on!

Premier Amenities

How often do we drive between our homes and hobbies, lifestyle interests, and health and wellness activities? Having an infrared sauna, an Olympic-size swimming pool, and a state-of-the-art fitness center within walking distance of your home makes healthy living more convenient and easier to maintain, which can even improve your overall health. 

Next-Level Soundproofing

You might be concerned about noise pollution living in a condominium, but the latest soundproofing technology makes luxury condos peaceful—maybe even more so than a single-family house! Rest assured, you’ll be spared from any noise from your next-door neighbor or any outside commotion.

Smart Home Technology

The latest smart technology makes controlling your home environment as simple as touching a button—even while you’re out and about. It also includes security technology such as smart door locks, doorbell cameras, door and window sensors, motion sensors, and more.

What makes a luxury condo more valuable?

Standard condominiums are a common option for those looking to buy their first single-family home, focusing more on affordability than quality of life. Luxury condos, on the other hand, offer their residents the highest-quality architecture, appliances, comfortability, and convenience, all within a facility that offers state-of-the-art amenities and a vibrant community. 

You’re purchasing more than a luxury condo, but a luxury lifestyle.

Why buy a luxury condo over a house?

If you’re deciding between a luxury condo vs. a house, consider some of the following advantages of purchasing a condo:

  • Low-to-no maintenance, especially as it pertains to appliances and yards
  • Luxury amenities are just a stroll away
  • A vibrant, social community right outside your door
  • Higher security and surveillance
  • High-end soundproofing to maintain privacy

Is it worth buying a luxury condo?

Luxury condos are a great way to have easier access to high-end amenities and a social community that you’ll likely not easily access in your standard neighborhood living. They’re also a wonderful option for a second home, whether you’re avoiding snowy winters or simply looking for a change of pace throughout the year.

Do condos increase in value?

Like a house, luxury condos may not only keep their value but can also appreciate in value over time. This depends on many variables involved within your local real estate market and is best discussed and analyzed with a trusted real estate agent.

Live in Luxury at The Luxe Desert Ridge

The Luxe at Desert Ridge would like to welcome you to a life of luxury. Our masterfully crafted condominiums and premier amenities will bring you and your family excellence and convenience inside and outside your new home.

Our luxury condominiums include:

Are you ready to elevate home living? Contact us today for more information, current availability, and pricing.

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